Business philosophy upgrade

1. Business philosophy:

1. Be honest and trustworthy.

2. Wholehearted service.

3. Continuous improvement.

4. Create value.

Second, the specific business philosophy:

1. Build a brand (lead the market trend with culture, wisdom, emotions, skills and hardware. Achieve character, quality and brand "three products in one").

2. The guests are supreme (appearance and dignity are decent, elegant and civilized manners; respect for the guests, modest attitude; service is sentiment, not disgrace the club's mission).

3. Warm and homey (beautiful environment, caring and responsive, thinking about what guests have not thought of).

4. Integrate with one another (work around the guests, do the best job, cooperate with each other, and provide the best overall service).

5. Keep improving (wonderfulness comes from the details, the details show the realm, and the realm achieves the future).
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