AM DESIGN: Empowering spa club design to create a unique and comfortable soul journey


With the advancing of the trend of the times, the spa club has evolved into a healthy place for everyone to enjoy, and integrate leisure, beauty, health, stress reduction, and gathering of friends. Want to have a good development in the city is inseparable from a good spa club design. The more refined the entire store, the more competitive it can be. So, how to design a spa club?

AM DESIGN | Exterior Design of Beijing Man Space SPA Club
▲ AM | Exterior Design of Beijing Man Space SPA Club

The first impression that the spa club brings to customers is very important. Whether new guests can stay and spend depends on the first impression of the design and decoration of the SPA club. Everything the guests see when they enter the store, including the indoor environment, atmosphere, item placement, hygiene, image and quality of the beautician, etc. are the keys to establishing the first impression. In addition, the light should be soft and comfortable, and the front desk or consultation room should have sufficient light and bright colors. Relaxing emotions give customers a comfortable visual experience and atmosphere experience.

AM DESIGN | Front desk design of Beijing Man Space SPA Club
▲ AM | Front desk design of Beijing Man Space SPA Club

In high-end SPA clubs, many of the guests who come to spend are here for the first time, and they have gradually developed into members and come here to relax and often go back and forth to relax and enjoy life. Therefore, design must not only pursue fashion and trend. More attention should be paid to creating a harmonious atmosphere. Architectural modeling, colors, lighting, furniture matching, and decoration must all be harmonious and elegant. Give customers the ultimate experience of harmony, unity, comfort and relaxation.

AM DESIGN | Spa room design of Beijing Man Space SPA Club
▲ AM | Spa room design of Beijing Man Space SPA Club

The design of SPA spa clubs should be unique and can be designed from multiple aspects, for example, targeted space design, using the original space conditions and environment of the building to design, and can also draw on historical, cultural and artistic backgrounds. However, the need for functional positioning must be considered at the same time. The creative elements can also be expressed in architectural modeling, lighting and furniture modeling, color and material utilization, decoration nodes, furnishings and paintings, etc., so as to create a unique personality. Such spa clubs give people a unique and deep impression. The unique and exclusive design elements give the spa club a unique temperament, which is different and enhances the added value of the club.

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