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AM Brand Introduction

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Introduction to am club design
Am design is subordinate to Beijing am leiyuming Architectural Engineering Design Co., Ltd., focusing on the interior design of medium and high-end public space. Since its establishment for more than ten years, the company has formed a business system int

Why choose AM Club Design Expert

The company has a good background and cultural pattern, relying on the professional team and excellent leaders, as well as more than ten years of valuable practical experience and peer recognition, am is considered to have sufficient ability and qualification to create their dream design works for customers. We have the whole chain service for customers, through the perfect connection and excellent team of three systems in series (early conceptual planning, mid-term design positioning and late construction support), to ensure the perfect implementation of the project.

Service Process

Who choose AM Club Design Expert

  • 花间堂
  • 仙境人间
  • 花都
  • 神怡仙指
  • 盛世皇朝
  • 致在
  • 悦
  • 月子会所
  • 麒麟汇
  • 自和堂
  • 友谊宾馆
  • 京济堂

Customer's evaluation of AM

  • Am combines business and art organically and is a reassuring enterprise. From the early stage of the design, am gave me a lot of inspiration, let me gradually clear the overall applicable style in line with the positioning of the club. During the project,
  • At that time, I just joined the industry and didn't have any concept of decoration design, so I wanted to make a space with a little feeling. My friend asked me to find a qualified design agency, but it seems that everything is not as simple as you th
  • To tell you the truth, I've looked for many design companies before and after. I don't know the professional level of am. At least I'm very satisfied with the project they helped me to do, and I like it more and more. Haha. The service has to
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